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Fraternal Feud at Camp Masonry

There will be a quiz show event at Camp Masonry this year called Fraternal Feud. This event has been held in the 11th district a couple of times and it is a really fun event to test teams on their knowledge in such categories as Ritual, Symbolism, Famous Freemasons, and other categories.

The organizers of Camp Masonry would like to have a District vs. District competition this year and would love for the 5th District to put a team together to compete against the 11th, 16th, and 17th Districts. There are some rules for who can be on the 4 man team:

1 Past Master (can be a PDDGM, PDEO, etc.)
1 primary officer (WM, SW, or JW)
1 other officer (Deacon, Steward, Secretary, Tyler, etc.)
1 Master Mason (non-officer, non-PM)
No current Deputies, DEOs, District Advisors, etc.

Would the 5th District be interested in putting a team together for this event? Reach out to Martin Lawerence (DEO) if you might want to participate. 

District Deputy Grand Masters
R.W.B. Robert "Joe" Stotler
Hicksville Lodge #478
R.W.B. William "Bill" Pacak
Fulton Lodge #248
District Education Officers
W.B. Dan Hall
Omega Lodge #564
W.B. Martin L. Lawrence
Sycamore Lodge #520
District Advisor
R.W.B. Robert R. Rettig
Napoleon Lodge #256
District Education Chair
R.W.B. Darrell Miller
Hicksville Lodge #478
W.B. Todd Evans
Wauseon Lodge #349
1st Vice President
W.B. Luis Rivera
Omega Lodge #564
2nd Vice President
Jaz Bluhm
Wauseon Lodge #349
W.B. Craig Szczublewski
707 Main St
Delta, OH 43515
Fulton Lodge #248
R.W.B. Douglas W. Eis
Napoleon Lodge #256
District Membership Chairman
R.W.B. Paul Kelly
Bryan Lodge #215
W.B. Craig Szczublewski
Fulton Lodge #248